Changing the Color of Software Center in ConfigMgr current branch

Random thing I noticed today: The new Software Center in ConfigMgr 1511 takes over the Colour of the Application Catalog. Not that big of a change, but worth a little blog post anyway. 🙂

First, open the Administration Workspace in your ConfigMgr Console, Select Server and Site System Roles, click on your Server that hosts the Application Catalog web service point and Select Properties on the Application Catalog website point.


Specify the Colour on the Customization Tab and Click OK.


Make sure you have the new Software Center enabled in your Client Settings. Details about Enabling the new Software Center can be found in the following Blog Post from Nickolaj: Enable the new Software Center in ConfigMgr 1511


After a Policy Update (Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle) on your Client, you should get your newly themed Software Center.

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