Windows 7 Update Installation fails in MDT 2013

A few days ago, I wanted to create a new Reference Image using MDT 2013, as I normally do it a few times a year. Back in July 2016, when I used the Capture Task Sequence for the last time, this worked without any issues.

When running the Task Sequence now, with the current Windows Updates available in WSUS from October 2016, I was getting the following Error a few hours after starting the Task Sequence.

ZTIWindowsUpdate has run and failed too many times. Count = 8

As you can see from the error above, the Task Sequence failed completing the “Windows Update (Pre-Application Installation)” Step, because of a reached Reboot Count.

When looking at the Reference VM, I actually couldn’t see any errors regarding Windows Updates. The VM already installed nearly 260 Updates successfully at this point.


If you started searching for new Updates, it found only 1 remaining Update, that could be installed successfully.


After installing that single update, the System seemed fully patched.


Because of the huge amount of Windows Updates, which are already available for Windows 7, I tried to increase the MAX_UPDATES Constant, in the ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf Script. This file can be found inside the “Scripts” Folder in your Deployment Share.


I doubled the value from 100 to 200 and kicked off the Task Sequence again. (In my case, increasing it to 150 wasn’t enough.)

To my Surprise, the Task Sequence ran through without any errors and with all Updates installed. If you ran into the same issue, you can give this workaround a try.

However, with the recent change of the Windows 7 / 8.1 Servicing Models, this workaround might no longer be necessary in the coming month.

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