ConfigMgr LogFile Opener 1.1.0 released

Version 1.1.0 of ConfigMgr LogFile Opener was released a few minutes ago. I tried to implement a few new features and squish some bugs in this release. You can find the Release Notes with all Changes below.

Release Notes

New features

  • Added “-Hostname” Parameter for direct connection and to skip the Hostname prompt.
  • Added “-ClientLogFilesDir” Parameter to specify a custom location for the ConfigMgr Client LogFiles.
  • Added “-DisableLogFileMerging” Parameter to prevent CMTrace from merging multiple LogFiles.
  • Added “-WindowStyle” Parameter to specify the Window Mode for CMTrace & File Explorer.
  • Added “smsts.log” to the CMTrace Menu.
  • Added “WindowsUpdate.log” to the CMTrace Menu.
  • Added “CMTrace” to the Tools Menu,  to start an empty CMTrace Instance.

General fixes

  • Internal menu handling rewritten and optimized.
  • Opening LogFiles in CMTrace is now much faster.
  • Fixed a bug, which caused CMTrace to freeze on certain systems.
  • Validation Tasks have been improved and are now happening directly after entering the Device name.
  • Hostname Validation Checks have been improved.
  • Assigned a dedicated number range to the File Explorer actions.
  • Check if CMTrace was started at least once has been added, when executing a LogFile Action.
  • Minor text fixes.
  • Tons of other small fixes, code rewriting and optimizations.

The new Version is available on GitHub. The Initial Blog post containing the usage information has also been updated to reflect the changes introduced in this Release.

As always, If you find any bugs or have some feature suggestions, tag me on Twitter or in the Comments.

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