ConfigMgr LogFile Opener 1.3.0 released

Version 1.3.0 of ConfigMgr LogFile Opener has been made available a few hours ago. This Release comes with a bunch of new features and some small bug fixes.

Release Notes

New features

  • Added the ability to use CMLogViewer to display LogFiles. Use the Parameter “-CMLogViewer” to specify a custom path to CMLogvViewer.exe
  • Added a new menu option, to toggle between CMTrace and CMLogViewer.
  • When using CMLogViewer, ConfigMgr LogFile Opener will now automatically search for history LogFiles and open them along with the original LogFiles. This currently only applies to CMLogViewer.
  • Added ‘-ActiveLogProgram’ Parameter to specify which Log Program (CMTrace or CMLogViewer) should be active when the tool is starting.
  • Added ‘-DisableHistoryLogFiles’ Parameter to prevent opening History LogFiles, when using CMLogViewer.
  • Added ‘-CMTraceActionDelay’ Parameter to customize the amount of time, the Tool should wait between the Steps when opening multiple LogFiles in CMTrace.

General fixes

  • Client Version will now be displayed correctly, when changing from a Device without a Client to a Device with a Client.
  • MessageBoxs will now be displayed in the foreground, which allows the use of the Enter Key to quickly confirm them.
  • Other small fixes, code rewriting and optimizations.

The new Version is available on GitHub. The Initial Blog post containing the usage information has also been updated to reflect the changes introduced in this Release.

As always, If you find any bugs or have some feature suggestions, tag me on Twitter or in the Comments.

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