MP_Hinv.log Warnings from Parallels-managed Macs

If you’re using Parallels Mac Management for ConfigMgr, you might find the below Warnings when looking into MP_Hinv.log on your Management Points.

Hinv: Mapping table marked for reloading.
Hinv: property name not found in the mapping table: IsMulticore
Hinv: property name not found in the mapping table: Name
Hinv: the report could not be processed completely due to unknown classes or properties - it may be obsolete

These Warnings appear every time when a Mac Device, with the Parallels Mac Management Agent installed, sends its Hardware Inventory to the Parallels Proxy, which forwards it to a Management Point.

I contacted Parallels Support about this a few days ago and they were able to reproduce the Issue.  Their Statement was, that the client sends outdated objects of WMI classes for Hardware Inventory and that the Warning don’t cause any Issues.

A Hotfix / Update for the Parallels Proxy should follow soon. I’ll update the blog post as soon as it becomes available.

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