ConfigMgr LogFile Opener 2.0.0 released

Version 2.0.0 of ConfigMgr LogFile Opener has been made available. This Release comes with a bunch of new features and some smaller bug fixes.

Release Notes

New features

  • Added new Client action to repair the ConfigMgr Client. 
  • Added new Client action to reset the ConfigMgr Policy. 
  • Added IP address and Net Adapter Type to the Top of the menu. This is currently limited to a single IPv4 address which is determined via DNS lookup. 
  • Added the Domain/Workgroup to the Connection Device name 
  • Operating System now shows the full Windows Build including the Update Build Revision (UBR). 

General fixes

  • ccmsetup-ccmeval.log is now being used instead of CcmEval.log
  • Architecture removed from Operating System if the connected Device is a Windows Server
  • A Client running the 1906 ConfigMgr Client version is now identified correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the tool updater.
  • Fixed an exception when entering an invalid numeric hostname
  • Other small fixes, code rewriting and optimizations.

The new Version is available on GitHub.

As always, If you find any bugs or have some feature suggestions, tag me on Twitter or in the Comments.

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